Imtex Membranes Corp.

Imtex Membranes Corp.


Imtex focuses on advanced membrane technology. The company is currently poised to enter the petrochemical industry with a membrane technology that is a low cost, energy efficient solution for the separation of olefins (ethylene, propylene) from paraffins (ethane, propane).

Imtex’s technology is capable of cutting approximately 50% of the energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions current to the incumbent technology (cryogenic distillation), which at present consumes approximately $4 billion of global energy costs per year, and emits 68 million tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.

Imtex is adaptable to existing or new petrochemical sites, requires low plant capital and infrastructure costs, and has a rapid payback period. The technology can also be configured to a number of other applications outside of the petrochemical industry, such as in the water treatment, industrial, automotive, and medical sectors.

Imtex Membranes Corp.
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