Our History


Scott and Joseph Monteith established Stormceptor Canada Inc. in order to commercialize the Stormceptor®, an innovative interceptor for the treatment of stormwater.


Monteco is incorporated in Canada and Stomceptor Corporation commences business in the U.S. out of Rockville, Maryland.

Monteco forms Filamat Composites Inc. to manufacture all Stormceptor fiberglass reinforced plastic products.


Green Turtle Technologies Ltd. Is formed in Canada to commercialize and grow its portfolio of wastewater treatment technologies, beginning with the Proceptor™.


Monteco forms Biox Corporation following a technology transfer agreement between Monteco and the University of Toronto which resulted in the construction of Canada’s largest biodiesel operation.


Green Turtle opens an office in Charlotte, NC to take on the US market.

Green Turtle releases PHIX™ Media Systems for the neutralization of acidic wastewater.


Monteco opens its research and development centre that today operates in a 23,000 sq. ft. facility in Mississauga, Ontario.  The R&D centre is responsible for sourcing, testing, and developing a number of new CleanTech technologies.

Green Turtle releases SmartPro™, a complete line of automation and monitoring systems to complement its family of wastewater products.


The Stormceptor group changes its name to Imbrium Systems in reflection of its increasing portfolio of technologies.


Monteco creates Optomem Sensors Inc. and Imtex Membranes Corp. to develop and commercialize a micro-plasma based gas detection technology and an olefin separation technology, respectively.

Biox moves from testing to full-scale commercial production, having successfully raised the required capital necessary to finance the construction and operation of a 67 million litre biodiesel plant.


Imbrium launches the Jellyfish® Fine Sediment Filtration device and Sorbtive®Media, a filtration media for removing phosphorus from runoff.


Imbrium launches Sorbtive®Filter, a stormwater filtration system that captures both sediment and phosphorus from runoff.


Green Turtle launches the Retroceptor™ for in-kitchen grease management, the Microceptor™, an undersink coffee grind trap, and ReFlo™, an industrial-strength rainwater harvesting system.

Monteco forms Good Harbour Laboratories Ltd., offering their R&D facilities as well as the expertise of their team of scientists and engineers to the innovation community on a fee for service basis.


Monteco integrates three of its water-related companies under the umbrella of one new business, the Pelicas Corporation.


Contech Engineering Solutions LLC acquires Monteco’s stormwater businesses, the Imbrium group of companies.

Today Monteco’s R&D Group continues to actively seek out new technologies for commercial applications.

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