The Pelicas Corporation was created to integrate all of Monteco’s water-related companies under one umbrella business in order to harness the unique synergies that exist between these companies and focus management and marketing expertise on the entire water and green infrastructure industry.

Green Turtle is a leading provider of point – source wastewater pretreatment solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Green Turtle’s technology and expertise help customers meet sanitary sewer regulations while protecting the watershed, public health and communities. Green Turtle’s current product offerings include the Proceptor, Microceptor™, Retroceptor™, PHIX™ systems and Reflo™ for rainwater harvesting.

Filamat Composites is an Original Equipment Manufacturer to the water industry.  Filamat engineers and fabricates custom-engineered composite solutions to address a wide range of water industry challenges.  Filamat produces products in the fields of stormwater, wastewater, mining & solvent extraction, chemical handling and air filtration.

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