Portfolio of Companies

The Monteco suite of companies is uniquely focused on the critical issues that face the Cleantech sector.  Monteco maintains a core set of profitable operating companies.   Its water-based businesses, Imbrium, Green Turtle and Filamat, have been integrated under the umbrella of one business, the Pelicas Corporation.  Good Harbour Laboratories is a new business which leverages Monteco’s R&D team.  In addition to the operating businesses, Monteco has launched several new businesses; Imtex and Optomem. These companies are actively commercializing technologies.

Monteco formed the Biox Corporation in 2000 following a technology transfer agreement with the University of Toronto. Initially, university researchers envisioned using the material as a lubricant for diesel engines, but Monteco recognized it’s potential and leveraged its chemists to further develop this technology to produce a commercially viable renewable fuel. The end result was ASTM standard biodiesel, produced by converting seed oils and animal fats into biodiesel fuel that is renewable, carbon-neutral and non-toxic.

Green Turtle is a leading provider of point-source wastewater pretreatment solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.  Green Turtle’s technology and expertise help customers meet sanitary sewer regulations while protecting the watershed, public health and communities. Green Turtle’s current product offerings include the Proceptor, Microceptor™, Retroceptor™, PHIX™ systems and Reflo™ for rainwater harvesting.

Filamat Composites is an Original Equipment Manufacturer to the water industry.  Filamat engineers and fabricates custom-engineered composite solutions to address a wide range of water industry challenges.  Filamat produces products in the fields of stormwater, wastewater, mining & solvent extraction, chemical handling and air filtration.

Good Harbour Laboratories is composed of a staff of experienced scientists and engineers.  Good Harbour offers its expertise and facilities to the innovation community to help develop and commercialize technology that protects the environment.  Good Harbour’s goal is to help innovative individuals and companies bridge the gap from concept to product.

Imtex Membranes is currently developing a number of innovative membrane technologies.  Currently its main focus is a membrane product that will improve environmental sustainability across a range of platforms.  Imtex’s patented and field-tested olefin/paraffin separation technology is the first commercially viable technology for this application, with dramatic economic and environmental benefits that will quickly set new standards across the petrochemical industry, reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Optomem Sensors is currently developing plasma photometric technology that harnesses the energy of plasma light to characterize gas species and provide early warning recognition of dangerous substances present in the air we breathe and the industrial processes we control.

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