FOGmonitor takes the Guesswork out of Grease Interceptor

FOGmonitor takes the Guesswork out of Grease Interceptor

See How FOGmonitor takes the Guesswork out of Grease Interceptor Management at RFMA and IFMA 2018

Phoenix, Arizona, March 1, 2018 – Riptide Tek Inc. will be featuring their FOGmonitor at RFMA 2018 and IFMA’s Facility Fusion to show facility managers how this new technology can help optimize their grease management program. The FOGmonitor is comprised of an innovative floating ultrasonic sensor that communicates wirelessly to a remote panel within the building. It tells facility management clients when grease interceptor servicing is required based on the buildup of FOG and solids inside the interceptor, thereby preventing the under or over-servicing of interceptors.

Enabling Simple, Yet Effective FOG Management Processes for Facility Managers

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) management ordinances have been strengthened across North America to protect the sanitary sewer infrastructure. However, it can be very time consuming and cost intensive for many restaurants and commercial kitchens to comply with regulations. Because many municipalities are forced to implement one-size-fits-all regulations, grease interceptors tend to be either over or under-serviced. Servicing interceptors too much puts additional economic burden on a business, and servicing too little can create operational, financial, and environmental risks.

Taking less than 10 minutes to install, the FOGmonitor detects the levels of FOG, water and solids in grease interceptors, aggregates and analyzes raw data, and triggers notification alarms once the interceptor is close to a pre-determined capacity. In conjunction with effective facility management best practices, the FOGmonitor ensures that grease interceptors are working at optimal capacity, and eliminates the unpleasant task of having to manually check grease traps to measure pollutant levels. Logs and reports are generated, making it easier and less time consuming to provide compliance data to regulators. In addition, regulators tend to work with and provide more flexibility to facilities that have this type of preventative monitoring technology in place.

Visit booth #309 at RFMA 2018 at the Phoenix Convention Center from March 4 to 6 or booth #608 at IFMA’s Facility Fusion from March 20 to 22 at the Sheraton Grand Chicago to get specifics on how FOGmonitor can help your business improve its bottom line. While there, please fill out an entry form for a chance to win a 43” HD TV!

About Riptide Tek

Riptide Tek is a cleantech company that provides smart solutions for industrial process water and wastewater treatment/handling across a range of applications: tank monitoring, oil fields, chemical processing, municipal, commercial kitchens, food processing, facility management and OEM sectors in North America. Riptide’s first commercial product, the FOGmonitor, is a simple to install, easy-to-use device, that functions as an early warning indicator and predictive management tool as part of a comprehensive facility grease management program. Learn more about how FOGmonitor can help facility managers implement preventative measures and comply with FOG regulations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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