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About Monteco

Monteco Ltd. is a strategic investment firm that, through start-up or acquisition, builds sustainable companies. To deliver the full potential in our investments, we commit a considerable amount of management experience, technical & product development infrastructure and capital resources to drive lasting growth and sustainability.

Strategic Capital³

We seek opportunities in growth-oriented businesses and technologies in which development can be accelerated through the application of the financial, management, and technical resources at Monteco Ltd.

Monteco History

For over 25 years, our in-house capabilities, including a 20,000 square foot research and development centre in Mississauga, Ontario, have helped accelerate growth, reduce operating costs and advance product development in a portfolio of middle market firms. This operating infrastructure allows Monteco to pursue opportunities in difficult situations, early stage ideation and emerging technologies.

We seek opportunities in the industrials, cleantech and software sectors where our operational experience and infrastructure can be leveraged. Our operational capabilities include: corporate finance, sales & marketing, human resources, product & technology development, accounting, government relations, and IT infrastructure services.

Monteco Fundamentals and Strategy

Company Fundamentals
Monteco focuses on firms generating up to $1 million in EBITDA with intellectual barriers to entry, rather than capital intensive growth profiles. Profitability is not a necessity, our product development infrastructure and management experience allow us to review more difficult scenarios, early stage ideation and emerging technologies.

Market Fundamentals
Monteco’s portfolio focuses on stable demand of business to business sales, or the potential for stable demand in the business model’s platform. We seek opportunities in the industrials, cleantech and software sectors.

Business Strategy
Clearly defined working capital and capital expenditure programs give us an indication of the issues facing an opportunity and the costs associated with growing a firm or bringing a technology to market. We conduct considerable due diligence in understanding the scope and requirements of each opportunity. Monteco seeks to partner with firms of high integrity that maintain strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

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