World Water Tech North America 2018

World Water Tech North America 2018

The World Water-Tech North America 2018 show in Toronto held on October 24 & 25 brought together a good cross-section of the Canadian water industry as well as numerous international participants. The broad cross-section of attendees including manufactures, entrepreneurs, municipal employees and government employees, made for very good networking opportunities.

Highlights from a GHL point of view were meetings with some startups, a group we would like to be able to do more work with. They generally need to be able to demonstrate their technology so there is a natural fit with GHL’s services. Our business is a good fit for water innovation in general; we can provide the data and verification needed to de-risk a technology at any stage of development.

A key moment was meeting the Executive Director of Current. Current is an organization that helps to connect end users with new technologies by de-risking the technology. They specialize the front-end assessment, focusing on a paper assessment and financial analysis. They do not do the actual testing, and this makes our companies complementary. GHL can pick up where Current leaves off, extending the de-risking further along the development cycle. It was a very informative and focused one-to-one meeting and a partnership opportunity for GHL.

Overall, it was a successful event. There were some glitches with the app but it allowed me to accomplish what I needed to so I would use it again next time. I found the topics to be current and relevant and the structure to be productive. My thanks to Rethink Events and WaterTAP.

Greg at a one-to-one meeting with Current