The Toronto sewage system dealing with “fatbergs”, floods and backups

The Toronto sewage system dealing with “fatbergs”, floods and backups

The Toronto Star ( just released an interesting story that digs deep into Toronto’s sewage system to describe the unseen beneath Toronto’s pavement. The article describes the system’s complexity and also reveals its weak points and the main causes for sewer backups and blockages.
Fats, oils and grease dumped into the sewer …is again identified as one of the culprits for many of the problems Toronto’s sewer system is dealing with.

When we come across such articles here at Ecoinsight Instruments, we can’t help but cry out “if only more restaurants and food processing plants would use the FOGWISE Smart Meter for Grease Interceptors, Toronto wouldn’t be threatened by Fatbergs and deal with so many blockages and backups!”

After all, as the Toronto Water general manager Lou Di Gironimo interviewed for the article, explains: “It’s a connected system, at the end of the day, they are not separate. What you drink from the tap, what you put down, it’s important to remember to protect both of them . . . we have to be vigilant and continually invest in them, not just for ourselves, but for future generations.”

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