See How FOGmonitor Can Maximize Profitability

See How FOGmonitor Can Maximize Profitability

See How FOGmonitor Can Maximize Profitability for Grease Interceptor Pumpers at WWETT 2018

Indianapolis, Indiana, February 15, 2018 – Riptide Tek, Inc. will be featuring their FOGmonitor at WWETT 2018 to show grease interceptor service companies how the technology can increase pump out cycle servicing efficiency and client satisfaction. The FOGmonitor is comprised of an innovative floating ultrasonic sensor that communicates wirelessly to a remote panel within the building. It tells food service, food processing and facility management clients when grease interceptor servicing is required based on buildup of fats, oils, grease, (FOG) and solids inside the interceptor. In turn, this enables pumpers to plan and schedule resources more effectively, maximize profitability, and improve responsiveness to clients.

FOGmonitor Creates Efficiencies for Grease Pumping and Recycling Companies

The FOGmonitor measures, analyzes and displays FOG and solids levels on an easy-to-read, full-color screen, alerting the end-user when operational capacity is approaching. The client is then reminded to request grease interceptor servicing, which prevents FOG from creating blockages and Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) that are costly for everyone.

Grease management ordinances have been strengthened across North America to protect sanitary sewer infrastructure. Even so, many grease interceptors are still under-serviced. This poses risk to food service operations and the environment. Pumping companies that service grease interceptors have opportunity to mitigate these risks while maximizing revenue. Utilizing a device like the FOGmonitor protects clients from SSO-related liability issues and can bolster relationships between pumpers, clients and municipalities.

Additionally, for grease interceptor service companies that collect FOG to use as a renewable energy source, the Riptide FOGmonitor allows pump out scheduling when the interceptor is guaranteed to have the maximum allowable FOG content. This will have a positive impact on operational costs and revenue generation associated with routing, pickup and handling logistics.

Visit booth #2150 at WWETT Show 2018 at the Indiana Convention Center from February 21 to 24 to get specifics on how FOGmonitor can help your business improve its bottom line. While there, please fill out an entry form for a chance to win a 43” HD TV!

About Riptide Tek

Riptide Tek is a technology company that provides smart solutions for process water and wastewater treatment/handling across a range of applications: tank monitoring, oil fields, chemical processing, municipal, commercial kitchens, food processing, facility management and OEM sectors in North America. Riptide’s first commercial product, the FOGmonitor, is a simple to install, easy-to-use device, that functions as an early warning indicator and predictive management tool as part of a comprehensive facility grease management program. Learn more about how FOGmonitor can help wastewater and grease trap pumpers streamline pick-up routines and maximize ROI.


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