The Future of Gas Separation Through Membrane Technologies

The Future of Gas Separation Through Membrane Technologies

According to a recent report from Credence Research published in March 2017 “…the global gas separation membranes market is projected to experience substantial growth over the forecast period of 2016 to 2024 owing to growing industrialization in emerging economies. Technical innovations in water &

wastewater treatment, food & beverage processing, pharmaceutical & medical applications, chemical processing, and industrial gas processing markets is driving the growth of global gas separation membranes market. Over the past few years, membrane processes for gas separation is gaining wide acceptance in various industries and are competing in the market with consolidated operations such as cryogenic distillation, absorption, condensation and pressure swing absorption.”

What does this mean for the petrochemical industry?

As the cost of energy rises and environmental concerns pertaining to traditional separation techniques like distillation increase, organizations are beginning to look for innovations that can help them reduce both cost and emissions. Gas separation through membrane technology is becoming a more widely accepted solution for many applications. Market trends are indicating that new solutions are needed and that membrane separation offers great potential to complement or even replace incumbent technology.

Imtex Membranes is one of the organizations pursuing the implementation of this game-changing innovation with PermyleneTM, a patented membrane technology. Permylene focuses on the purification of olefins by separating them from their corresponding paraffins. The benefits that Permylene provides in the olefin-paraffin separation process includes a significant reduction in capital expenditures, a reduction in energy costs required to operate the separation process, and a reduction in environmental emissions versus conventional separation technologies. (see White Paper: Cost Effective Alternative to Distillation for Olefin Purification and Extraction). Other benefits include olefin recovery from waste streams, stream value upgrading and new product opportunities (see full benefits details).

“Gas separation membrane technologies are currently in an emerging phase of development, and have shown wide potential for being adopted for processing natural gas streams on the industrial scale.” (source: ). As the petrochemical industry is indicating that it is ready to pivot towards the adoption of membrane gas separation technology, Imtex Membranes is excited to lead the field of membrane-based olefin-paraffin separation and purification alternatives, and looks forward to working with its partners and clients to achieve significant cost and emissions reductions.

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