Imtex Showcases Innovation at 2017 Ethylene Producers Conference

Imtex Showcases Innovation at 2017 Ethylene Producers Conference

Imtex Membranes Corp. put the spotlight on innovation with their participation at the 29th Ethylene Producers Conference (EPC), held in conjunction with the annual American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Spring Meetings on March 26-30, in San Antonio, Texas.

The conference served as the epicentre for chemical engineer professionals to engage with a network of ethylene producers, suppliers and potential consumers in varying dialogues that featured white papers, keynote addresses, panel discussions and presentations on a wide range of topics from innovative manufacturing to emerging applications and technology.

As a sponsor at EPC, Imtex facilitated a discussion on innovative membrane technology and how it can be integrated to improve future business operations.

A highlight of the conference was a presentation in the AIChE technical session on Processes of Sustainability by Glenn Towe, the President and CEO of Imtex Membrane Corp, who provided insight into a more sustainable future for olefins production.

The presentation “Permylene™ Membrane Technology – The Cost Effective Alternative to Distillation for Olefin Purification and Extraction” addressed several key concerns to stakeholders and proposed solutions to lower energy consumption,reduce capital costs and mitigate environmental impacts.

The EPC conference served as a great platform for Imtex to propose Permylene as an exciting technology that can greatly impact the future landscape of olefins production.

President and CEO Glenn Towe also expressed prospects for the future stating, “the Ethylene Producers Conference and AlChE once again provided Imtex with a great forum in which to connect with companies that have olefin/paraffin separation opportunities that we have a solution for. We expect that many of these discussions will ultimately lead to field demonstration opportunities that will not only validate the performance of Permylene membrane systems, but also lead to the deployment of commercial systems in the near future.”